The Lake District on Crutches… not the one

Welcome to my latest hair-brained idea-the Lake District on Cuthbert the crutches, that was quite the experience. If you want my honest advice I would not do it again with Cuthbert in tow despite how much they tried to help. So let’s go from the beginning The Journey Firstly, it’s a long way-I know IContinue reading “The Lake District on Crutches… not the one”

Bill the Boot and the Brownie Bakeathon

Welcome to Lockdown 3…. don’t panic – I can help you because Yazzi’s Kitchen has reopened after its Christmas break to continue baking brownies to raise money for Scope (a brilliant disability equality charity). If you are anything like me and need chocolate every single day, then a January in Lockdown is the ultimate timeContinue reading “Bill the Boot and the Brownie Bakeathon”

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