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Something a bit different from me but this is the best method I have found for cheering myself up when I need to laugh. Turn up the volume and put on a good tune. I heard this song whilst out running recently and the lyrics really resonated, despite being knackered at the end of my run I was singing along having the best time (sorry to all the local residents I woke up with my beautiful out of breath singing).

As the song says we all have to do what makes us happy even if it is different to what others may do. I know I look like I have been hitting the Jägerbombs too hard on a Friday night (I haven’t had a single drink unless water counts). I am definitely no Beyoncé when it comes to my dance moves. This is me dancing, having the best time and loving life so I couldn’t care less if others think I look stupid. This is my time to #BeLikeYazzi.

I want to use this platform to celebrate everything that makes us unique. All those amazing things that make us diverse, special and crazy human beings. Hopefully I can make you laugh along the way. What is your #BeLikeYazzi moment? Let me know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “BeLikeYazzi

  1. Ha ha. I do dance on and on even when the music has stopped and people hiss at me “stop”!! Why? I can keep dancing in silence if I want to 🙂
    Keep rocking.


  2. You are defined by your courage and redeemed by your loyalty.
    The measure of your character is not whether you get knocked down or fail.
    because you will.
    The measure is how quickly you get up.

    Love Sheila
    Think I have caught up with all your intriguing stories.


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