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Bill the Boot and the Brownie Bakeathon

Welcome to Lockdown 3…. don’t panic – I can help you because Yazzi’s Kitchen has reopened after its Christmas break to continue baking brownies to raise money for Scope (a brilliant disability equality charity). If you are anything like me and need chocolate every single day, then a January in Lockdown is the ultimate time for all things chocolate. So let me brighten up your grey, dark January days with a box of chocolate brownies.

This bakeathon which kicked off in November has not been without its fun and games. Let me introduce you to Bill the Boot, he is my weight displacement boot that I have had to wear for the last two months since fracturing a bone in my foot while running in the autumn.

This elephant on a treadmill is now on a pogo stick in outer space. This video is also co-starring Chloe and Christian the Crutches

This development has made baking all the more fun – especially when trying to carry 12 eggs or a knife whilst hopping. No major disasters yet although I don’t want to jinx it as the hopathon is still in full force 6 weeks down the line. My right leg is really not enjoying this drama, let me tell you I have definitely gained a Beyoncé Butt – just a shame it is so lopsided!

Baking is easier without the assistance of Chloe and Christian (my charming crutches) so that I can have my arms free to keep my balance and lug around mega sacks of chocolate

Let me offer one piece of advice based on my time to with Bill so far. Do not be a hero. If something is painful – make sure you get answers. My left foot has not been having a good time since September but it took until Mid November to find the stress fracture and be saved by Bill so this whole drama has become a marathon epic. This is not quite the friendship I envisioned but you’ve gotta do what you gotta do.

Baking has definitely kept me and Bill sane even if I still do not trust myself on crutches. On some days it feels like I am hopping on custard. My balance is bad enough on a good day so this is quite the challenge.

I thought I would be free from Bill this week but unfortunately my left foot is in slow motion so taking its own sweet time to heal. As a result I am back on crutches and still in with Bill for another 3 weeks. I suppose the one benefit of lockdown is I am not missing out on anything even if I do feel like I am in some weird Doctor Who time warp where it is a continuous cycle of wake up, hop, work, bake, hop, collapse and sleep.

If you would like to have a box of happiness delivered and help raise money for Scope (and keep me hopping) hit this link to my Just Giving page to donate:

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