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I know this may be a ridiculous title for blog post but I do have something important to say about such an unsuspecting topic. For me every little dodgy raised paving stone, crack or surprise raised pavement is a potential catastrophe. I am well aware that this is not the case for most people rushing to the office on a rainy Monday morning. However, for me it all becomes worse as I get faster. This is because, due to my walking gait, I don’t clear the ground so much with each stride. As a result I am on high alert for any uneven ground as these little blips send me flying on far too many occasions.

One thing I have learnt from these ‘nice trips’ that I take (no it is not a sunshine escape to the Caribbean) is the art of recovery. If luck is on my side (not as much as I would like) then I can just do a little sprint start-Usain Bolt eat your heart out, and bring myself upright and rather than ending up a little too close to the floor. I have had a number of entertaining and massively exaggerated responses to these trips (My parents included but I know they are just worried about me). The problem is when I do take a tumble, these pavements are not very forgiving, if only they were coated in cotton wool then I wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Post trip, I would prefer to just continue walking as if nothing has happening but I remember one particular lady squealing and running after me to make sure that I was okay. If it was up to me no one would bat an eyelid but some people like to make my trips into more of a spectacle.

Another frustration of mine is the fact that to minimise my chance of a tumble, I have to spend all my time walking staring at the floor and focus sing on picking my feet up. Trust me I would much rather be looking up and around rather than at the paving stones! So all in all the dodgy pavements of central London mean I am on constant look out for my next pitfall however much I would rather be looking up at the scenery and hubbub of people, it’s just not worth the risk of black and blue knees.

One thought on “Pavements

  1. I love this post Yazzi – it is so honest and so true, the number of times we have seen you return home with cut & bruised knees and torn clothes from dramatic trips on pavements and tree roots is too numerous to mention.
    The fact that you always dust yourself down, get up and carry on with as little fuss as possible inspires me.
    Hold your head up as high as you dare, keep on walking, running and writing your blog xx


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