Hi, my name is Yasmin.

I am a big time foodie who enjoys fitness and the outdoors currently working in London. I am figuring out how the world works for someone with Cerebral Palsy.

I was born 8 weeks premature in Istanbul, Turkey. I was just too excited to be able to get out into the sunshine and see the world. When I was born I weighed the same as a bag of sugar (although this actually means very little to me as a bag of sugar weighs varying amounts). Regardless of this my Dad could hold me in one hand which I think is pretty impressive-he certainly could not do that now! As a result of my premature birth I was born with mild spastic diplegia mainly affecting my legs and I have a weaker left side. This means that when I am walking I look like a bit of a crazy lady but I forget that this is what I look like so we are all good. I have tight calf and hamstring muscles meaning it is harder for me to get my heels down.Along with this my knees and feet point inward so I look like a pigeon wearing stilettos when I walk around-a really great look. I also have it mildly in my arms which makes them rise up as I am walking so I end up looking like a slightly wonky zombie come pigeon in stilettos but since I don’t even realize it is happening I just roll with it.

I have always had a fierce determination and despite my difficult start (which I am very thankful I do not remember, unfortunately the rest of my family do!) I pulled through that and have never let my CP stop me from doing anything in life.

I wanted to use this site as a chance to show how although CP is definitely a part of who I am, it has never stopped me from doing anything I put my mind to and I hope to help others who may also be suffering that there is absolutely masses to enjoy out there so just to go for it and don’t let anything stop you.

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