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The power of connection

With all the craziness going on in the world, I thought it would be good to share some of the positive responses I have had to my blog and some of the other inspirational accounts I have found online having started my blog.

I have been overwhelmed with the positive response to my blog and am so glad it has been able to help so many people both those with CP as well as fully able bodied people. The global response has been incredible and I am amazed that it has had such a wide reach. Below is a map of my readership (can you tell my Dad another Geographer suggested this blog-he had to get a map in there somewhere).

I cannot believe it has been read by nearly 5,000 people from over 50 countries. (My Dad has said I should add that these are just the people who have read my blog on the WordPress platform and that many, many more people will have read via Social Media – so I don’t know the real number of my blog fans!)

A note to say here is the map shows the views so I reckon everyone clicked on the blog page, saw my face and ran a mile!

The other amazing thing is that my blog has given me the opportunity to connect with other people who have CP. I have had responses from people all round the world, one of the most unexpected & nicest was from a man living in Pakistan with CP.

Through my blog I have also discovered & connected with a number of other inspirational CP, mental health and disability blogs/ platforms some of whom have asked if they can add links to my blog.

Let’s reset is an online platform and community aiming to increase the importance of mental health in the workplace. My blog has been featured on their website.

Fifi and Mo: Finley is a young girl with CP who has now become famous through her Instagram page created by her mother Christina.  Finley and Christina raise awareness of what it is like to bring up a child with cerebral palsy Finley has featured in advertising campaigns for Target in the US so increasing the diversity of children represented in the media.

Emily Nicole Roberts: Emily Nicole has such a positive attitude to life despite her CP and shows you through her You Tube and Instagram how it is possible to do anything you put your mind to. As she says: “I want to change lives by filming mine”. She has been designing and creating a wheelchair aid to help others and herself as she encountered a problem which she wanted to overcome. As she said “I want to use my life as an example and I want to use it to inspire people”. “I want to be a positive force in peoples life and change disability”.

Josh Llewellyn-Jones: Josh suffers from cystic fibrosis. He was given a 10% chance of surviving his first night. He is now 32 a World Record Holder, Ultra Athlete and motivational speaker. He founded CF Warriors to “raise awareness of the importance of sport & exercise to every member of the CF community.” The aim is to “motivate, inspire and support children on their journey to a longer, happier and healthier life.”

Olivia Breen: Olivia is a Paralympic runner and long jumper with CP. I find it fascinating to see her approach to life and her training. I have found it inspiring to see her determination as an athlete. She is definitely a role model for me with my running to prove what it is possible to achieve despite her CP.

Someone commented on my last post and suggested I watch this inspiring Ted Talk from Aimee Mullins-a double leg amputee.

When I started writing my blog I had no expectation that anyone would be interested in reading it so I have been amazed by the interest and responses, each time someone says something positive or shares my blog it inspires me to keep writing. I hope these individuals I have shared inspire you as much as they inspired me. Leave a comment below with any other individuals that inspire you and let’s share the power of connection.

4 thoughts on “The power of connection

  1. Hi Yasmin,
    I always love your writing.
    As you liked the Aimee Mullins’ TED talk, I thought you might enjoy this one.
    Like Emily Nicole Roberts, it’s someone who wants people to learn from experience, I found it inspiring.
    See what you think

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    1. Thank you for sharing! What an incredible individual. Such an inspiration. She chose to take the positives from a horribly difficult experience and to use that to learn more about herself. Amazing that she has the strength to share her learnings to help others.

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  2. Yazzi – I love this, connecting with friends, family and a wider circle is the only way through the craziness of the Covid19 world – keep writing and keep connecting, you are inspiring so many others to get out there and grab life no matter what difficulties they are facing xx


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