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Mirror mirror on the wall who is the maddest runner of them all?

So before all this lock down madness at a physio appointment which feels like aeons ago now, the physio asked me to run on a treadmill. Little did I know at the time that Dad snuck up behind me like Daniel Craig as James Bond (he wishes) and grabbed this wonderful footage of my backside (apologies in advance for the fashion disaster-the cycling shorts were for the phyiso’s benefit-okay I think I am just making it sound worse and digging myself a deep hole!) It was a real shock for me to watch back as I have never been able to properly see myself running. My left foot hardly lifts off the floor, I reckon I desperately need to get onto Aladdin’s magic carpet to try to clear the ground! I look like a massively lopsided string puppet-like a three legged lonely goat in Sound of Music who has fallen off the hillside. I really had no idea it was so obvious and am unaware of it as I am running Also spot the rogue hole my right shoe (and that is meant to be my good side-wow, you really let the team down!)

This video really showed me how much more effort is required for me to run with this awkward gait- I now understand why people like to stare when I run (or wobble past them!) It is crystal clear why even the slightest bump (which would only be noticed by an ant) can send me flying. I hope this shows you that regardless of what others may think or say, and the obstacles you face in life (quite literally in my case) none of this should not stop you from doing what you enjoy in whatever shape or form that takes.

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