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Tea anyone?

I wish this was something that I could offer everyone in the office. Unfortunately for me I am unable to do a round of cuppas. Hang on, before you judge me for being lazy and selfish, this is with good reason. Our office is on two floors with the kitchen upstairs and my desk downstairs. Therefore I have a daily challenge that I take on willingly first thing every day-getting my tea from kitchen to desk. I am sure that everyone in our office knows when I have done a hot drink run as there is a trail of tea following me. This is because, carrying a full mug of tea across the office and downstairs with my poor balance is like Beatrix (“Beer trick”) trying to balance 3 pints of lager on one shoulder, 4 pints on the other shoulder and two on her head. Spillage is inevitable and anymore than one mug at a time is a recipe for a Niagara Falls of tea!

However, it’s not just the stairs that cause issues, I am always spilling drinks even on one level. So much so that I am sure my flat mate is fed up with mopping up the tea stains all over the floor up!

Despite this dilemma, I have never asked my colleagues to carry my tea for me and am determined to keep going. My mission is to one day make it to my desk without spelling a drop. Then I would be able to actually enjoy a full cup of tea. What a luxury! Though this post is short, I hope it shows how something so mundane can be viewed in a new light and make you think twice before boiling that kettle..

5 thoughts on “Tea anyone?

  1. Yazzi
    It is the small things in life that can make the biggest difference – your honesty about something as simple as carrying a cup of tea to your desk when your balance is out of kilter is a great reminder that for people living with Cerebral Palsy the small things are not as straightforward as they seem!
    Mum and I will never forget the Mother’s & Father’s Day breakfasts in bed you & Sam used to make us and one of the trays you proudly presented inevitably awash with tea!!
    Keep writing about the big and the little things in life. xx

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